Speed Dating Learning Sessions (SDLS)

A place for catechetical leaders to share what they have been doing with social media technologies in their ministries.  Come join them for a fast overview!

Speed Dating Learning Sessions – Location: Superior Ballroom

Time: 12:30 – 1:30 PM  (Session I: 12:30 – 12:50) & (Session II: 1:00 – 1:20)

Serving Busy Catechists  through Web tools  for Catechist Certification  – Table 1

We will discuss the use of Web tools to enable Catechists to be certified.  There are many tools that we can use to meet their needs. The use of Web tools will be another manner to help those catechists who are already over busy to be educated right in their own homes.

 With Sr. Beatrice Caulson, IHM, Director of Adult Faith Formation,  Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Gainesville, FL  Location

Lead by the Spirit, Taught through Technology – Table 2

How a Middle School Youth Group was energized and renewed though the addition of technology.  With the use of the internet, YouTube and other platforms, we created a global learning network for our students to examine the universal aspects of the Catholic Church including the Liturgy, Adoration and Exposition and the Rosary. We partnered with a church in Brazil and shared our “Catholic-ness”

With Amy Barber, Middle School Youth Group Catechist, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Gainesville, FL

Evangelizing Through Geocaching – Table 3

How can we invite people to our parish grounds who would normally not even know we exist, seek us out or desire what they think we have to offer?  Parish carnivals and socials are great ways to do this and have you ever thought about geocaching?  Come find out about how geocaching was used to connect strangers and maybe even parishioners with their local parish using new ardor, methods and expression.

With Diane Kledzik, Associate Director of Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation,  Diocese of St. Petersburg

Parent to Parent Podcasting – Table 4

Description:  Parents share insights from lectionary-based faith sharing through recording a podcast on our program blog.

With Kristine Neumayer Jenkins, Director of Faith Formation and Sacramental Prep, St. Cecilia Catholic Community, Ft. Myers FL      

Easy Peasy Digital Catechesis Tools for Your Classroom – Table 5

Together we will discover cloud (web) based apps & programs, as well as thumb-drive lessons that your students can use to enhance their understanding of your session or bible study. These apps allow your students to personalize their catechesis and express their faith knowledge to their peers and faith community, and utilize digital tools that they already understand and use.

With Walt Smith, Life Foundations Director,  St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church

ePals – Table 6

The ePals® approach provides an effective way to instruct and reach today’s technology savvy students and teachers. ePals provides digital content designed for collaboration and self-paced, self-directed learning as well as a safe platform to share work globally. Authentic ePals projects are centered around meaningful content and experiences that require teamwork, digital literacy skills, higher-level thinking and communication. By engaging in authentic learning experiences about relevant issues, students, teachers and mentors learn and work together, strengthening core learning while motivating learners and building self-confidence and skills necessary for future careers. At the same time, ePals helps teachers learn to use technology effectively in their classrooms, providing professional development, curriculum, contests and other resources.

Time: 1:30 – 2:30 PM

The Miracle Man of Montreal: Journey from Humble Man to Saint

North America’s newest saint, André  Bessette, canonized on October 17, 2010, is a perfect example of modern-day sainthood. Brother André, born Alfred Bessette in French Canada, was an orphaned, sickly, poorly-educated child who devoted his life as a Brother of the Holy Cross Order to the glorification of St. Joseph, the patron of Canada. The story of André’s memorial, the Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal, is one of fascination.

With Sharon Allison has been dedicated to St. André  Bessette her entire life. As long as she can remember, André  has been the topic of family discussions. Sharon’s great-grandfather, Henri Bessette, was Alfred’s first cousin. Join Sharon as she portrays the story of André‘s life, of her family relationship, and her memories of the canonization in Rome and the celebration of sainthood in Montreal.


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